Dr. Bitterman is available to speak or facilitate a workshop with your faculty, student group or parent group! He is also actively engaged with senior administration at colleges and universities to strategize, build higher education brands, improve recruitment and retention, and brainstorm potential solutions to administrative problems.

Please contact me if you are interested in offering any of the following presentations, workshops, or services to your staff, student group, parent/teacher group, or to strategic response teams or committees.



All workshops are customized for the audience, collaborative, and led by Dr. Bitterman. Workshops are 2–3 hours in length.

Why College Isn’t Working for the Millennial Generation (and how to fix it)

The Coming Cost Crisis

The Coming Demand Crisis

21st Century Curriculum Revision for Art & Design

Integrated Learning Basics for Seasoned Faculty

Back to the Future: Using “old school” processes and materials to understand technological development and evolution.

Blending Technology and Studio Experience

New Program Development

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Higher Education Problem Solving & Consulting

Dr. Bitterman is a seasoned educator with administrative and leadership experience. He is available for special projects for clients in higher education.

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Each presentation is followed by a short question and answer period. Presentations are about an hour in length, not including Q&A.

The College Question: Stopping the higher education disaster before it happens.

The forces that shape higher education are many: the rising cost of college, demand for future workers, technological change, generational perspective. Colleges and universities—though always in a state of change—are unprepared for the onslaught of changes that the Millennial generation brings. Colleges and universities have struggled to keep pace with this change, and the return on investment for students has noticeably declined.

How can colleges and universities reverse the trend of diminishing return on investment before American Millennials become a “lost generation” like their counterparts in Greece, France, Italy, and Spain? How can parents ensure they are making the “right” choice for their children? What role do educators—teachers, professors, and guidance counselors—play in helping students to uncover their talent and abilities, and finding the path to foster the development of these abilities?

This presentation is appropriate for a broad audience ages 15 and up. Contact Dr. Bitterman to arrange "The College Question" presentation for your group!

Why Work Doesn’t Work (or gearing up for work in the 21st century).

Transforming "one day" into "day one." Students, from a young age, are asked "One day…when you're older, what do you want to do?" This is a common and seemingly harmless question, but it has damaged American society. In this presentation I explain why and how this common question has shaped our current educational system.

Education in America from kindergarten to college is headed for a deep and significant crisis, and few parents, students, or teachers are prepared for the coming challenges. We are seeing signals already—frustration with common core testing standards, the high cost of college, budget cuts, and declining overall enrollment. These problems can be transformed by shaping the question we ask to all youngsters—and shifting the mindset—from “one day” to “day one.”

The notion of “day one” focuses on readying students for the future in a pragmatic, energetic, and realistic manner. It shifts the the focus of education from abstract fantasy to pragmatic reality. The future does not have to be bleak. These coming education crisis will present significant opportunities for teachers that are prepared to meet the coming challenges, and these changes will provide students and millennials with flexibility and opportunity unlike any in our history.

This presentation is perfect for students, corporate events, and team building seminars. Contact Dr. Bitterman to arrange "Why Work Doesn't Work" presentation for your group!

The Future of Design: The societal responsibility of the designer.

The future...is now.

What we do, and how we do it has an impact on our collective society. As design tools and aesthetic sensibility become available and appreciated by more people, how do designers ensure the future of their profession and role in society? In this presentation, Dr. Bitterman explores the evolution of technology and its impact on the way designers learn and practice. Though technology has changed the professional practice of design, technology can also save the future of design.

Riveting and imaginative, this presentation weaves together an intelligent and informative journey through the future and is a must for all creatives, Find out how and why in this engaging presentation.

This presentation is geared toward creative professionals and art/design faculty and students. It is appropriate for corporate creative problem solving training, and academic situations. Contact Dr. Bitterman to arrange "The Future of Design" presentation for your group!